Rademaker develops and provides solutions for the food processing industry. The company’s expertise manifests itself in high quality automation, engineering, hygiene and performance of its delivered machinery. Rademaker has a wide knowledge about food products and their production technology. Dedicated professionals and state of the art engineering techniques provide you with solutions that live up to your (best) expectations.
Driven by worldwide market forces, Rademaker evolved to become a company with an international outlook. To better serve the wishes and requirements of local customers, sales offices opened doors in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia and China.
Production lines and turn-key solutions for all continents represent a great part of the company’s business today. The Rademaker headquarters is located in Culemborg, the Netherlands.

Research & development

The Rademaker Research and Development department is continuously working on new and improved solutions. Ideas become concepts and these concepts get implemented in new equipment. A process that is driven by your wishes and requirements. This innovative and open-minded approach results in trendsetting designs based on the latest techniques and technologies.

Our machines

    • Sigma Laminator
The Sigma Laminator produces the best quality of dough and different dough types can be processed on the same production line. The machines are designed to do anything from block processor to fully automatic laminator. The laminator features unequalled hygienic properties and low cost maintenance. Innovative technology and the use of high-quality materials give the Sigma Laminator a ‘best value for money in the market’ investment status.

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    • Croissant lines
Rademaker has over three decades of experience in producing production lines for croissants. The system’s modular design allows customers to produce both filled and unfilled croissants with the same production line. The capacity of production line is from 36,000 croissants an hour for straight croissants to 24,000 croissants an hour with chocolate or marmalade filling.

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    • Make up line
The Rademaker make up line can be equipped with sheeting to final pastry thickness, flour removal brushes, circular cutters, various depositing systems, rolling-folding-shaping equipment, guillotine cutting knifes, stamping tools or even high speed horizontal guillotines. Decorating by means of egg yolk or water spraying system, universal strewing machine or a fruit and cheese applicator is possible as well.

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    • Crusto bread line
The Rademaker Crusto bread lines are the perfect solution for medium to large scale bakeries. Crusto lines are designed for a wide range of products, from tin bread to high water absorption artisan breads. The unique modular design guarantees flexibility and fast production changeovers.

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    • Pie and quiche line
Rademaker offers Bakeries the production solution for pie with or without a sweet or savory filling and quiche product. Rademaker pie lines can produce products in aluminum foils, paper containers, metal baking trays as well as pre molded baking trays. Each production line consists of different modules and meets up with the highest hygienic standards in the industry.

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    • Depositors
Rademaker is a supplier of depositing systems for the food industry. The high performance depositors for liquid, semi liquid or viscous fillings are the best in the market. All of them in a full wash down execution and equipped with PLC control system. There is basically no filling we cannot deposit. Feel free to try your filling in the Rademaker Technological Centre in Culemborg, the Netherlands, for example for pizza sauce depositing or muffin batter.

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    • Local specialties
Rademaker has built up a track record as one of the most innovative companies in the food processing industry. Right from the start of the company in 1977, bakeries and food manufacturers have reached Rademaker for special solutions to automate the production of their specific recipes. This resulted in various chip lines, dumpling lines, and cake lines. All with one objective: absolutely no compromises on the final product.

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    • System Integration
Rademaker provides solutions for all kinds of handling equipment for the transportation of product carriers from dough preparation to a proofer, oven, cooler or packaging machine. The product carrier carries the products throughout the different processes in creating the final product. A flat tray, a moulded tray, a baguette tray or a peel board are examples of product carriers. Also silicon pats or paper sheets are possible. Depending on the carrier type, the carrier will be transported on chains or belts.

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