TecAIRE was founded in 1978 by a team of professionals with a high knowledge into the industrial field of coffee manufacturing.
Our main activity is the production of machinery, equipment and installations for the coffee treatment and their process, from the reception of green beans to package.

Thanks to our own technology and commitment to in-house development, we have reached an important part of the national market and a great prestige with our Clients due to our important technical developments: we were pioneers for torrefacto (coffee + sugar) processing developments, emission control technologies and hydraulic powered coffee grinders.
These are the reasons for an aperture to the export market, increasing to 80% our actual production to the foreign market.

TecAIRE is focused to upmarket projects. With the highest technology, using CAD supports and CAM devices, is possible a very significant improving: the automatic control of the process and control programs for the running of machinery and plants.

It is possible to increase our catalogue by the use of the SPS protocol (Specific Processing Solutions), thanks to the logistic and technical contribution of our Partners, making possible an important international resource in every specific field of the coffee processing (specialist to provide solutions for every requirement).


Green Coffee

Green Coffee Section
Green coffee equipment
- Green coffee reception in bags, big bags and bulk formats

Ground Coffee

Hydraulic Powered Grinders
(Suitable for Natural and Torrefacto Coffee)
- Capacity ranging from 500 to 1.500 Kg/h.
- 3 stages concept for coarse and standard granulometry.
- 4 stages concept for fine and espresso granulometry.
- Linear for inverted “Y” configuration.

Individual powered hydraulic motors (one per cylinder). Grinders are equipped with an independent water cooling unit, close water circuit. Control panel, granulometry control, oil pressure meters, compactor/extractor and safety devices

Emission Control Technologies

- Cleaning machines by volume of weight selection with dust removing filters.
- Selecting equipment by colour.
- Mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems.
- Stoking and feeding green coffee silos.

Roasted Coffee Section

Automatic coffee roasters for Natural Coffee
- Capacities ranging from 200 to 3.000 kg/h.
- Roasting cylinders using dW technology type.
- Small roasters to laboratory SMART Series ranging from 5 to 20 Kg per batch.

Emission Control Technologies Section
Post-combustion chambers to improve the quality of the emissions to the atmosphere, in order to better protect the environment.
- Afterburners for correction the roasting gas emissions.
- Purifiers for the coffee cooling air.
- Catalytic cleaning units.
- Energy efficiency equipment (recycling).


Complete conception, programing and installation of coffee processing plants, ranging from green coffee reception up to packaging (TecAIRE software).